Christian Karren Dicusses Sustainability for Sonoma County Vineyards

Christian Karren was the featured guest today on The Drive with Steve Jaxon on KSRO Newstalk 1350 talking about how ‪Sonoma County vineyards like Terra de Promissio are employing sustainable farming practices by leveraging the resources provided by Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue Center.  Terra de Promissio partnered with Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue Center for over a year and both wildlife-especially our owls and our vineyard have benefited. 13 year old Christian Karren and an 8th grade student at Sonoma Country Day School highlighted his efforts here at the vineyard and how other winegrape growers as well as the public could support the Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue Center in their efforts to save wildlife.

To listen to the entire podcast, click below: