The Blessing of the Vineyard

We were honored today to host the Rt. Reverend William Miller of Christ Episcopal Church of Covington, Louisiana (outside of New Orleans). Father Bill as he is known, has been a long time friend of us and gave the most beautiful prayer below. We wanted to thank him for being in our lives and for Blessing Terra de Promissio.

Loving God, Creator of the Earth, Giver of every good gift:

We acknowledge that everything we are and everything we have belongs to you and is because of you - because of your love, your goodness, your kindness and your grace.

We thank you for this land, these vines, this soil, and the climate that allows growth. We thank you for those who plant, tend and harvest. We thank you for those who blend, age, and bottle. And we thank you for those who drink and share.

May we always be good stewards of all that you have entrusted to us - land and labor, ideas and dreams, plants and earth.

May this land be blessed with abundance, and may this abundance bless many others in many ways - reminding them of you and your goodness.

May the fruit of these vines gladden hearts and empower others to 'taste and see that God is good!'

Loving God, may your wisdom, vision, power and purpose be upon Charles, Diana, their parents, their children Christian and Grace, and upon all those who offer their gifts, labor, and tender care among these vines.

Bless these people. Bless this place. Through each bless this world you have so wondrously made.

In the name of the One who revealed himself to be your Son by turning water into wine at the wedding feast, the One who is the True Vine, and whose sacrificial love is celebrated in a common cup, Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN.